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What Will A Roof Replacement Cost: 

When you get up in the morning and go for your cup of coffee in the kitchen but their is water leaking in your hallway it is time to call a roofer to replace your roof. What will a new roof replacement cost you maybe asking your self. The average roof replacement will cost between $7200 and $24,500. The National average is $12,650. 

You need to take into consideration all of the different factions of a roof replacement.

Average Home: $7200 to $24,500. The National average is $12,650. 

Needing a new roof is not what people want to hear, but being the roof is protecting the whole structure it must be maintained and sometimes roof repairs will happen. 

With the average cost being $7200 to $24,500 you need to work on your budget, this is where a roof calculator comes into play it will give you a real good estimate on what your new roof will cost. 

Different factions that come into play of a roof replacement: 

As a home owner you do not have control of some of the costs of a new roof. 

Including:  pitch of the roof, weather during the roof repair and the city where you live. 

But you do have control of what kind of material you put on the roof and that can make a huge difference in the final cost of the roof replacement.

  •  Location: What will a new roof cost? again there is many different factors that go into the price. Yes, location is one of them. Places with severe weather like the rain in the Northwest, the heat in Arizona and the Hurricanes in Florida. The roofing material in florida needs to be able to handle the wind of a Hurricane and the 
  • Shingles in the Northwest need to be able to handle the rain and the moss build up from all the rain. 
  • Roof Access: A roofing company will look at your house to see how many levels the house is. A single story house will be less of a cost then the same size roof on a 2 story house. 
  • Access around the building is critical for the roofers to do their work. Things like plants, hillsides, and landscaping are also things they look at. As the Roofers are removing the old roofing they will need to have a trailer next to the house to haul off the old roofing. You will want a clear area for them to place a trailer, if you do not have one, it will cost ya. 
  • Finally the roof size and the roof pitch: The area of the roof is referred to as roofing squares, 100 square feet is 1 roofing square. The square footage of the roof will determine the amount of material and labor that will be needed. 

The pitch of the roof also comes into play on the overall cost.

 a flat roof will need to structurally strong enough to handle the weight of snow and water buildup. while a steep roof is just harder to install the new roofing. 

Skylights, dormers, chimneys, window bays and ridge caps are all ad-ons when it comes to the roof replacement cost. these are extra because of the added labor of installing flashing around these items. 

Tear Offs or Removal Costs:

 I would never recommend a roof recover, here is the reasons why: 

The extra weight of the new roof on top of the old roof can damage the roof structure. A roofing square (100 square feet) of shingles can weigh as much as 360lbs. If you have a 16 square roof that is an extra 5,760lbs on the roof. 

Roofing Shingle Warranty:

The warranty of the shingles says the nails must penetrate through the plywood sheeting. Most nail guns are limited on a 2 inch nail, the 2 layers of roofing and the .5" plywood sheeting is more then 2 inches.

 No warranty on your shingles. The roofer can't be certain they are nailing your new shingles into solid plywood sheeting if they can not inspect it. This is why you should do a roof tear off or a roof removal of the old shingles. 

Disposal charges should be included in your roof estimate. Our calculator includes the removal and disposal of 1 layer of old roofing. 

The Importance of a Roof Calculator. 

Roof Replacement Cost: Your roof is an essential part of your home, providing protection and comfort. If your roof is damaged or worn out, it's important to get a roof replacement as soon as possible. 

However, the cost of a roof replacement can be a major concern for homeowners. The good news is that there are ways to estimate the cost of a roof replacement, and one of the most convenient and accurate methods is using a roof calculator. 

A roof calculator is a tool that helps homeowners estimate the cost of a roof replacement. It takes into account factors such as the size of your roof, the type of roofing materials you want to use, and the location of your home. 

The calculator also considers labor costs, waste removal costs, and any necessary permits. With a roof calculator, you can get a rough estimate of the cost of a roof replacement in just a few minutes. The benefits of using a roof calculator are numerous. 

First and foremost, it saves you time and effort. Instead of contacting multiple roofing contractors and getting separate estimates, you can get a rough estimate of the cost of a roof replacement in a matter of minutes. This can help you budget and plan for the cost of a roof replacement more effectively. 

Another benefit of a roof calculator is that it helps you compare costs between different roofing materials. You can use the calculator to see the cost of different types of roofing materials and determine which one is the best choice for your home and budget. 

For example, if you're considering metal roofing, you can use the calculator to compare the cost of metal roofing to other materials like asphalt shingles. 

A roof calculator also helps you understand the total cost of a roof replacement, including labor costs and waste removal costs. 

This can be especially useful if you're working with a tight budget and need to make sure you're getting the best value for your money.

By using a roof calculator, you can make informed decisions about the cost of a roof replacement and choose the best options for your home and budget. 

Free Roof Estimates: Understanding the Benefits and Finding the Best Roofer Near You. 

Once your roofing budget is set, you can now contact some roofing companies to get written roof estimates. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. The roofing materials need to be the same on all the estimates. 

One of the best resources for finding free roof estimates is freeroofquote.com, a comprehensive directory of roofing companies and contractors who offer free roof quotes to homeowners. With freeroofquote.com, you can easily find the best roofer near you, read reviews and compare prices and services, and get the information you need to make an informed decision about your roofing needs. 

When looking for a roofing company, it is important to consider the following factors: 

  • Experience: Look for a roofing company with a proven track record of providing quality roofing services and satisfied customers. 
  • License and insurance: Make sure the roofing company is licensed and insured to protect yourself and your property in case of any accidents or damages during the roofing project. 
  • Price: Compare prices from different roofing companies to ensure you are getting a fair and competitive price for your roofing project. 
  • Warranty: Choose a roofing company that offers a warranty on their workmanship and materials to ensure the longevity and quality of your roof. 

When hiring a roofer, there are some red flags to watch out for, such as: 

  • Pressure sales tactics: Avoid roofing companies that use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to sign a contract immediately. 
  • Unprofessional behavior: Look for a roofing company that is professional, courteous, and respectful when dealing with customers. 
  • Unreasonable demands for payment: Be wary of roofing companies that demand full payment upfront or a large deposit before starting the roofing project. 

What does a roof replacement cost? 

  • You can expect to pay $450 per roofing square (10'x10') on an average pitched roof with 30 year Asphalt Shingles. 
  • You can expect to pay $750 per roofing square for Metal Lock Seam Roofing. 

Using our roofing calculator we have done a couple different scenarios of roof sizes and different roofing material. 

  • A 1800 square foot roof with 30 year Asphalt Shingles $10,110 
  • A 1800 square foot roof with Metal Lock Seam roofing $17,840 
  • A 2450 square foot roof with 30 year Asphalt Shingles $13,760 
  • A 2450 square foot roof with Metal Lick Seam roofing $24,285 

WE figured in a tear off of the old roofing new metal and a 6/12 roof pitch.

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